What is blogger ? Reasons to choose it, Pros and Cons

What is Blogger ??

Blogger aka Blogspot is a free web publishing platform owned by most reputed company named Google.
The biggest tech giant is behind this platform, and it's free too.
It's one of the oldest blogging platforms.
The Mad Fact 
Blog is derived from Word "Web logs".

History of Blogger.com

In 2003 google acquired pyra lab who created blogger.com
After this, many updates were released to make actual blogger we see today.

Difference in Blogger.com and Blogspot

Blogger.com and Blogspot are different
Actually blogger.com and blogspot are two different passengers on a single car.

Blogger.com is free hosting cum blogging panel and blogspot is a free domain name provider.
If you choose free domain with blogger then it starts with " www.example.blogspot.com"

Benefits of Blogger.com

Its one of the oldest blogging platform owned by biggest tech company Google.

Google CDN
The users of Blogger enjoys the benefits from Google' Content Delivery Network, which makes your website load more faster in any region of world.

Easy to use
The use of google's blogger is incredibly easy.
If you are a starter and don't want a complex admin panel then go for it.

Free custom themes
Loads of custom free themes as well as paid themes are available.

Easy migration
When your site grew up and you have website authority then you can migrate to self hosted Wordpress without losing any traffic.
what is self hosted wordpress?

Cons of blogger.com

Less control over Blog
Its hosted on Google servers, it means you have to comply with google policy. Otherwise your blog will be removed.
But in self hosted wordpress you own and control your content.

But you are good until you post good content. Adult content is strictly prohibited in blogger.

No frequent updates
There are no frequent updates from google for blogger.
I know its nearly perfect but there are tons of features which are missing, like custom url without date, updates on security, tweaks for SEO, widgets features like wordpress, no AMP support and lots more.
But its free and you are starting your blog without paying for hosting, does it really matter ?

No custom url
Google blogger doesn't allow custom url. Please make it clear, am not talking about custom Domain.

See this example In wordpress your url shows like this www.TheTechMad.com/examplepost But in blogger its like www.TheTechMad.com/2019/05/examplepost.html

The timestamp helps visitors to track the publishing date of blogger post.
It doesn't affect SEO but it looks bit unprofessional.

But as I said earlier, it doesn't matter if you have less budget to start your passion.

In my personal view, if you are starter and doesn't willing to spend a penny on hosting, then don't hesitate to host a blog on Blogger.
But if you are a Full time blogger, or you want to be then choose wordpress.org instead.

Its totally upto you and your needs that you choose wordpress.org or blogger.com

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If i miss any point then let me know in comment section.
Happy blogging

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