Ever wonder what the wordpress is ? All you need to know

You often heard about Wordpress, and wants to know what it really is.

Is this a Software ?
A blogging platform ?
Or a magical wand for creating blogs.

Then i must tell you that it is a software and a blogging platform.

Confused ? I can smell it

There are two types of wordpress

  • Wordpress.org (self hosted wordpress)
  • Wordpress.com (a blogging platfotm like blogger.com or wix) 


Popularly known as Self Hosted Wordpress. Its more like a software used to manage your content (Website/blog).

Wordpress is installed on your hosting. So that you can easily access it through admin panel and organize your site.
You need a hosting provider to install wordpress on their servers.


Its basically a hosting provider run by same company "Automattic" who developed wordpress.org.

You can pay them to host your site without paying extra to other hosting providers.

Make it clear
If you want to use wordpress.org, then you need to buy hosting.
But if you host your site on wordpress.com, then there is no need of other hosting provider.


The pricing of wordpress.com is pretty much higher than traditional hosting like Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground etc.

But if you didn't have much knowledge about website building then its not a bad idea to try it out.


If you want a self hosted blog, then go for wordpress.org.

But if you...
forget that, i recommend you to not go with Wordpress.com if you seek fully control on your site, like hosting, speed etc.

So friends that's the end of our topic what is wordpress.org and wordpress.com.
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